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I'm pretty sure that nobody is going to read this but still... I'm truly sorry for my lack of activity for... eight- nine months or something? Are my followers dead now? Guys? Guys?

The thing is, my desktop computer -which my tablet is connected to- had it's harddrive burned up and it got repaired at the end of last summer. Yes, almost a year ago. But there was -and still is- a problem with the screen, it's somehow too wide and everytime I tried to draw something, naturally, it turned out too wide and probably looked really shitty from normal computer screens. You can see how it is at my last three deviation and that is the FIXED version, since I change the drawing size so that it would look more normal for other screens... But at those deviations, the chin is still too sharp, body is too thin etc. etc... And also, changing the drawings size reduces quality very much so, though I don't care about quality that much, it's still not nice.

But these are just excuses, really. I'm sure I can get my computers screen normal with some help, I'm just too lazy to find a solution. You see, all my interest for Hetalia fandom' which most of my fan art was about, is gone. I was not much of an anime lover when I watched Hetalia, but now I just... don't really like anime drawing, anime culture etc. So I am trying to change my drawing style. And I'm sure I forgot to do digital art looong ago; nine months is a long time, guys.

The only good thing is I am preparing for art school, so I'm totally into traditional art now. And also, leaving Hetalia doesn't mean I stopped fangirling at all, I'm really into Avengers and Loki, as most of the internet is, haha. Though I still don't do much fanart because I have no motivation -since I know even if I would put them here, I wouldn't get many feedback... because of my absence. And also the art course I go is really nice and all, but drawing technical things all day sucks out all my drawing muse from me. But that will pass, I believe, I just have to get rid of my laziness.

All in all, guys, here is a summary, my computer broke down and when it was repaired the screen was fucked up so I couldn't do any proper fanart, I still can't, I leave Hetalia fandom, but I won't stop drawing, I just... probably won't put them here, dunno. It's just, I'm not into digital drawing anymore, and since traditional drawing doesn't get much attention at dA, I really don't know if I will be back. At least in this account. But I kind of want to be back, I feel the absence of feedback and my english rusted pretty badly because I was mostly using it at deviantart. Since my school is shit, practising is the only way to keep my english acceptable.

And oh, the last thing is, if I get better at traditional, AND if this account is very very dead, I might make a fresh start with a new account. But I will put a link in here, if that will be the case. and if this account isn't dead, well I guess I will be back.
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